What PDF Stands for and How it Works

Now, What does PDF stand for? Ever wondered what PDF stands for? How it works and How to create PDF documents, check out this article.

The PDF as we know it today was created in the Year 1990 by Adobe in a bid to create a document format that is completely independent of any Operating system, application software or hardware. Therefore, the same document will work on a Windows platform as well as an Android version without distorting the document in any form.

Today, PDFs do not only include texts, fonts, vectors and images. It can contain a lot of elements in an interactive format and even provides encryptions and digital signatures. It can also contain attachments, metadata and a wide range of technological features that can be used in creating exceptional documents. In addition, we have a wide range of PDf software such as Foxit Reader, Windows Reader app, Adobe Acrobat app and many more.

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What does PDF stand for?

PDF stands for the Portable Document File. It is the most common file format used today and files saved in that format are quite easily downloadable from the internet. It is quite flexible and can be used to reduce documents to an easily scalable format (easy to use in any screen size). When you find a document bearing .pdf at the end of it, then that document is in PDF format.

what does pdf stand for

Why use PDF files?

PDF’s present documents in easy to use format, for instance, if you create a lovely eBook with Microsoft Word and try sharing it as a doc file. It is impossible for that document to appear the same in another computer except that computer uses your version of the Microsoft Word OS and has the same screen size as your computer. Pictures will appear in a reformatted position from where you intended that they are placed.

On the contrast, PDF files will preserve your document in the exact way you formatted it, removing the headache when sharing.

How to open PDF files?

Opening and viewing a PDF file is quite easy. A lot of browsers created today can open this without any hustle. I mean, they can open it in the next window, so you can view it directly from your browser without downloading it to your computer. You can always download later, if you wish, by clicking the save button.

what PDF stands for

Once downloaded, you can now view the PDF file in your computer, anytime you wish to do so. However, if your computer uses Windows 7 and lower, you might need a free PDF viewer installed before you can view these files in your Computer.

How to Edit and Create PDF documents?

Typically, PDF’s are meant for viewing rather than editing, but you can create and edit PDF ’s if you are using an Adobe Acrobat software for Windows  8 and later.

However, before We go into that, it is important you know that you can create PDFs, directly from your Microsoft Word app. However, once this document is saved in the PDF format, you cannot edit it. To do this, when you are done creating your document, hit the “File” button and select “Save As”. Pick the name you wish for your document and click to open the ‘Save as type” arrow. Select “PDF” and lastly hit “Save”.

what PDF stands for

Creating PDF files

When using windows 8 and later, you can create PDFs seamlessly. There is a wide range of tools applicable for you with which you can turn your document into an interactive interface. For example, there are several ways you can create PDF files with the Adobe Acrobat app.

what PDF stands for

The PDF feature is an excellent innovative tool to keep your document intact in the exact format you want. When for instance, you wish to create and share a newsletter with lovely pictures and in an engaging format, it can be an excellent asset.

I hope we’ve now provided the answer to the question, What does PDF stand for? If you find this article useful, please share.

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